Seen the light

In my previous post I was talking about what to do with the skeletons I created. Will they contain the actual code from the ExtJS classes so that you can debug them or should they return null and 0?

Well… Last night I was wondering about this and it kept me out of my sleep. But then again, this are often the best times to come up with brilliant solutions. And I think that I’ve got it.

The skeletons must return null and 0 and remain to be skeletons. Then I must do some magic and parse the written C# code and generate the javascript code. This means that I will have to write something that interacts with the standard MsBuild compiler. I have thought about it and it would be great if I get that idea working. To accomplish my early stated goals this is a must do.

This will raise this project to an much more complicated level. And I probably will have to do some heavy researching but it must be done. A good time to extend my knowledge. But also a perfect time to let the project fail…

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  1. July 26th, 2009