Passed Microsofts 70-536 exam.

In 2009 I made a commitment to myself en to my employer. I would become at least an MCTS on ASP.NET in 2010. I have raised the bar even higher by saying that if I would be an MCTS at the beginning of August I would go on and become an MCPD on ASP.NET before the end of 2010.
Last Tuesday I went to the examcenter in Leusden and I took the first exam needed to become an MCTS: 70-536 “Microsoft .Net Framework – Application Development Foundation. I passed the exam with a score of 930 out of 1000. A beautiful result, I should be happy. But am I?

Well, Yes… …I am happy with the result and me passing the test. But it left me with some mixed feelings. Let me explain.
I started learning for this exam at the beginning of  January. Studied the Self Paced Training Kit. Made the examples (well most of them) and took the test per chapter. Some subjects where difficult for me to understand (like Code Access Security CAS) and so I read several chapters in reference books. The Training Kit came with a CD with test exams and I took those as well.  I gave up a lot of free evenings in the past two months and was proud to have learned a lot more then I thought I would learn. Oh… and just two days before the exam I decided to download some TestKings and look at them as well.

So eventually I was taking the exam with some nervousness but in the back of my mind was confidence. I did my best and I should be able to pass the exam. I had to answer 40 questions. From this 40 there where at least 25 questions that where almost identical to the questions of the TestKings. I am convinced that if I only studied the TestKings and did nothing more than that, I would have passed the exam just as well. Probably not with 930 but that doesn’t matter does it? It matters that you pass the exam. No one looks at the grades when you show the certificate.

I think it is time for Microsoft to redefine their exams. At this moment anyone can pass their exams and it takes away the status of the certificate. I am proud of what I have achieved in the past months and will continue studying at the same way for the next exams.

But I did not passed the exam with 930… I did the Microsoft Trick and got 930 points out of it.

  1. Congratulations!

    PS> I totally agree with you.

      • Viren
      • August 1st, 2011



      I’m preparing myself for 70-536 exam but not getting confidence due to few chapters which are going bouncer.

      I want to know that did you practiced codes/programms ?

      Could you help me with the way of preparing for 70-536 exam (second edition)


      With Regards

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