My name is Michel van der Weide, born on 31 May in the year 1982, and a Software Engineer at GemeenteWerken Rotterdam (CivilWorks of the city of Rotterdam) in The Netherlands.
I studied Management, Economics and Law at the Avans Universty of applied sciences in Breda, The Netherlands.

Halfway my study I decided that this wasn’t my major interest and I decided to be schooled as an System Enigineer. I started at a daughter company of PinkRoccade and became a certified System Administrator and System Engineer on Microsoft platforms (MCSA, MCSE).

A couple years later I changed my career for a second time. I decided that it would be more fun to create bugs instead of fixing them. So I learned the ASP.Net trick and started working for GemeenteWerken Rotterdam. Got a lot of experience there and learned Javascript as well. I am always on the lookout for the possibility to create nice frameworks which improve development speed. In my mind I am always busy thinking about these frameworks. Interested if there are new developments in my mind? This is the place to find them.

Have fun…

You can find my resume here (currently only dutch).
You can contact me at: blog [[at]] justyouraveragegeek.com