Seen the light

In my previous post I was talking about what to do with the skeletons I created. Will they contain the actual code from the ExtJS classes so that you can debug them or should they return null and 0?

Well… Last night I was wondering about this and it kept me out of my sleep. But then again, this are often the best times to come up with brilliant solutions. And I think that I’ve got it.

The skeletons must return null and 0 and remain to be skeletons. Then I must do some magic and parse the written C# code and generate the javascript code. This means that I will have to write something that interacts with the standard MsBuild compiler. I have thought about it and it would be great if I get that idea working. To accomplish my early stated goals this is a must do.

This will raise this project to an much more complicated level. And I probably will have to do some heavy researching but it must be done. A good time to extend my knowledge. But also a perfect time to let the project fail…

Creating the skeletons

So here we are.

The ExtAppBuilder project has got some lines of code in it. I have created the skeletons for the ‘observable’ and am working on the ‘component’.  It takes a lot of time and it makes me wonder if it isn’t useful to write a generator like ExtSharp to write the skeletons for me. But at this point I am to big a control freak to give the control to a generator, even if I wrote the generator myself.

The plan is to write all the skeletons to be able to start a ‘window’. The skeletons needed are:


There probably will be some static classes I will need, but we will see during development. Currently the skeletons throw NotImplementedExceptions. This is not what the eventual code will do. I still am in doubt of what must be inside the methods. Must I write the real ExtJS code in it in a C# way? Or must they return null or return 0? For both options is a good explanation. But I don’t know at this point what the right one is.

So for now I just will be typing skeletons and think hard about how to use them eventually.

What is ExtAppBuilder?

Perhaps it would be nice to tell you all something about the project I have started. In my last post I was telling you that I have started a project at But I didn’t tell you anything about what it was. So that is what I will do in this post.

About a year ago I came across one hell of a JavaScript framework, called ExtJS. It is a very powerful framework which allows you to write Rich Internet Applications really fast and with a fantastic look and feel. It has very powerful widgets and also the core is of an outstanding quality. Until this moment I was using prototype for writing browser compatible javascript and for the UI development. These are very powerful frameworks as well. ExtJS just blew them away…

More then a year has gone by since my first encounter with ExtJS and in this year I am using it on a regular basis. My knowledge about the framework has increased significantly. I have found out some perks about the framework but still I am as enthusiastic about it as on the first day we met. Therefore I want my colleagues to create applications with it as well. But here is the catch. They are no javascript programmers but C# programmers and therefore the learning curve is quite big. I want them to be able to write an application in C# with as little changes to their normal way of coding. I want them to use IntelliSense and let the compiler complain when they make coding errors.

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Hold the presses…

…something has changed.

My website is suddenly online. But it is not the page I was working on all that time (well, been lacking to work on,  so that was the reason the site was offline).
So what is the big reason why I dropped my original idea of the website and what made me decide just  to install wordpress on my machine, find me a nice template and go online?

Here it comes… I have started an opensource  project on I have called it ExtAppBuilder and currently it just is nothing more than a place for me to check in the code I create while trying to write down my thoughts in code.

Because the project is just in its starting phase it isn’t fair to call it an opensource project already. One day when I am happy enough with the code I will clean the repository and check in a basic version and then the project will be official.

Until then, this blog is the place where I will write down my thoughts and explain the choices that I have made. Mainly as a reminder for myself, for the rest it is for those early adapters who wants to keep posted on the progress that is made.

Oh yeah, and it should be fun to read all this early posts when the project is officially released…